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Engineering Entrepreneurs Club (Project EEC)

The professional community of engineering entrepreneurs

Our slogan is: «We establish the enterprise of the future»

The club gathers work managers and business owners of domestic and foreign enterprises in the real sector of the economy. It gathers active economic players in areas such as mechanic engineering, radioelectronics, instrumentation, robotic technology, health technology, telecommunications, engineering services.


The lively exchanges of experience and coordination in modernization of the domestic economy, innovation in technology, advancements in technology and knowledge-intensive industries are being conducted during the recurrent outputs that are always hosted in the original atmosphere.

Our members and partners are united by the desire to have high-quality and relevant information, to be in the circle of our target audience. With us, they have the opportunity to receive it with ease, convenience and positive emotions!

Every second Tuesday of the month, participants have public lectures and meetings with leaders of the engineering business. At each meeting of the penultimate or last Tuesday of the month, the engineering project done by EECmakers is defended by wonderful experts — EECmagicians — deserve.

Our mission

Our mission is eviving the entrepreneurial spirit and promoting the development and commercialization of production projects, supporting initiatives aimed at creating new practices that connect science, education and business.

The goal of the project

Building a creative entrepreneurial ecosystem at a technical university aimed at building the enterprise of the future. An entrepreneurial ecosystem is a complex system where different subjects (students, teachers, employees, departments and laboratories, temporary teams, representatives of the engineering business and other subjects) operate independently, associated with entrepreneurial activity

Main goals

  • Formation of an entrepreneurial culture and promotion of the development of creativity in a person;
  • The search for engineering projects aimed at building the enterprise of the future;
  • Formation of engineering project teams, creation of an atmosphere of mutual assistance and understanding in them;
  • Developing leaders capable of leading projects to build the businesses of the future;
  • Promotion of projects in the professional community and through network solutions;
  • Removing barriers between generations — informal communication between young and experienced members of the professional community.

A member of our community gets the opportunity to:

  • Select and train highly qualified personnel – ambitious students, graduates and postgraduates of the best Russian and foreign universities with developed engineering and management competencies, team and project work skills, analytical and communication skills, public speaking and presentation skills.
  • Form and implement joint projects of joint research and development projects in common subject areas.

We work closely with many faculties, departments, laboratories and organizations, both within the Moscow State Technical University N.E. (BMSTU) Bauman, and with leading Russian and foreign universities. It is with our help that Mitsubishi Electric (RUS) LLC, Technopolis Moscow, Mechanics Group of Companies, New Network Technologies became real partners of the Moscow State Technical University N.E. Bauman. (BMSTU)

  • Become a participant in projects on our public platforms, where representatives of real business, leading scientists and experts, students, graduate students and graduates of the best Russian universities meet. Among our projects are Charnov Readings on Organization of Production, Conference «Russian Method of Teaching Crafts».
  • Get a unique portfolio made for both student and academic audiences, and for representatives of real business

We describe the success stories of our partners — leaders in the engineering business.

  • Receive expertise in the field of production management

We rely on the rich history of the university: we have the Russian method of teaching crafts, based on the scientific programs of the world’s leading universities, including MIT; it was here in 1929 that the Department of Economics and Organization of Production was created, and its founder, Nikolai Charnovsky, in 1911 wrote the world’s first textbook on management — Organization of Industrial Enterprises for Metal Processing.

  • Gaining expertise in business literature

Andrey Kuzmichev is the author of more than 300 reviews of the best books on business, published in Vedomosti in the column «New in book breakdowns», in the «Dengi» magazine and on the EEC project website. We have one of the best business libraries in the country with books in Russian, English, German, Chinese and other languages.

  • Give an open lecture to students and teachers, business representatives. We describe the success stories of domestic business leaders. Head of the Club, Andrey Kuzmichev, professor at Moscow State Technical University, Moscow State University and HSE University, author and presenter of the column «novelties of book breakdowns» of the newspaper «Vedomosti» (from 2003 to 2010) provides professional moderation.

Noritsugu Uemura, Head of Representative Office of Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. in Russia and the CIS, spoke on the topic «Business in the Japanese tradition».

Azamkhuzhaev Mumin, The President of Caterpillar Eurasia LLC gave a lecture on the theme “Lean principles, leadership, innovation”.

Mikhail Kokorich, former owner of Technosila and current CEO of Dauria Aerospace, gave a lecture “Towards new space technology: undermining technologies and creating a value chain”.

Leonid Yaskin, General Director of ZAO BURO VERITAS Certification RUS, spoke about the basics of ISO 9001.

Dmitry Baturin, Director of the Moscow Locomotive Repair Plant, presented the first domestic film on lean production «TOP AMERICAN».

Vladislav Dorofeev, head of the special projects department of the publishing house «KOMMERSANT», presented his book «Yandex Volozh».

We also hosted Dmitry Zimin, Honorary President of VimpelCom; Dmitry Kuznetsov, Google Marketing Director in Russia; Natalya Kasperskaya, General Director of InfoWatch Group of Companies, co-founder of Kaspersky Lab; Raisa Demina, founder and chairman of the board of directors of Velcom; Dan Medovnikov, deputy editor-in-chief of the Expert magazine; Nadezhda Kopytina, founder of the Ledovo group of companies.

Among our speakers are also successful graduates of BMSTU: Nikolay Kornev, General Director of «Goodwin-Europe»; Alexander Kireytsev, General Director of the Airbus Engineering Center in Russia (ECAR); Anatoly Dabagov, President of “Medical Technologies Ltd » (MTL); Dmitry Krasnov, Chairman of the Management Board of the Industrial Group «Privodnaya tekhnika» and others.

  • Provide your enterprises for excursions and industrial practices. We organize introductory and pre-diploma practices, career planning for the most talented students of BMSTU, we select a place of work for them depending on their personal qualities and academic performance.


Engineering Entrepreneurs Club
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